Department of Policy Planning and Coordination Department of Policy Planning and Coordination


The Department of Policy Planning and Coordination (JPDP) is responsible for the policy and strategic planning of the Ministry. The Department also coordinates issues related to policies, parliament, quality management and transformation of the Ministry, as well as acts as a nexus of the Ministry with other Government Agencies.

The Department is headed by a Director-General who is assisted by two Deputy Director-Generals, each responsible for the following Divisions:

Policy and Strategic Planning Division (PSP) 

PSP is responsible for developing and monitoring the implementation of the Ministry’s Strategic Plan to ensure that the short-term, mid-term and long-term objectives are aligned with the Ministry’s vision and mission. In addition, PSP is responsible for monitoring and analysing developments in international politics, economy and other strategic issues as well as providing recommendations to ensure that policies and strategies are in line with Malaysia’s interest. The Division also acts as the Ministry’s liaison with other Government Agencies in new policy formulation in the effort to add value and restructure the strategies implemented towards an effective and efficient foreign policy implementation.

Coordination and Implementation Monitoring Division (CIM)

CIM is responsible for developing, implementing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating matters related to the Ministry's Quality Management System, performance evaluation involving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the Ministry as well as Parliament matters.