Legal Division Legal Division


A Division that is entrusted in providing a professional, quality and effective legal services.


To protect the national interest by providing an efficient, accurate, fair and of the highest quality legal advice in accordance with the Federal Constitution, related laws and regulations.

The Legal Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is tasked with the responsibility of assisting the Ministry and all Malaysian Missions overseas by providing legal advice on any matter pertaining to the Ministry in its interaction with foreign states, international organizations, other Government Ministries, Departments, agencies and non-governmental organizations. Legal advice is also given, when sought by foreign embassies based in Malaysia, on domestic laws.

The Legal Division is staffed by officers from the Attorney General's Chambers, who ensure that the legal advice provided is in line with the Federal Constitution, federal and other laws as well as in accordance with international law and Malaysia's exiting international obligations.  The duties and responsibilities of these officers have been delegated to them by the Attorney General pursuant to his own powers as provided for under the Federal Constitution.

Besides providing legal advice, the Legal Division is also charged with the responsibility of drafting and/or vetting bilateral and multilateral agreements, treaties and conventions which falls within  the purview of the Ministry.

The Legal Division is also responsible for the vetting of Instruments of Ratification/Accession/Notification in respect of treaties, conventions and other legal instruments to which Malaysia intends to become a party to.

Another important task of the Legal Division is the drafting of legislation, both principal and subsidiary, on matters which come under the purview of the Ministry.

The officers of the Legal Divisions are sometimes included in Malaysian delegations attending international conferences and meetings, particularly where there are legal issues to be discussed, or generally to provide legal advice to the delegation on matters arising, when required.  The officers from the Legal Division may also be required to directly negotiate/deliberate on behalf of the Government of Malaysia at bilateral/multilateral conferences/meetings.

Besides, the Legal Division also assists the Ministry in preparing Cabinet memoranda which involves legal issues subject to the approval from the Attorney General's Chambers.

The Legal Division also plays the liaising role between the Ministry, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Attorney General's Chambers for purposes of transmitting requests for extradition and mutual legal assistance by Malaysia or by foreign governments.

As the Ministry manages all Malaysian missions abroad, administrative problems pertaining to the employment of locally recruited staffs/officers, lease agreements in respect of overseas premises, supply, maintenance, construction and other development contracts are referred to the Legal Division for advice.  The Legal Division further provides advice on service matters and the Head of the Legal Division sits as a member of the Ministry's Disciplinary Board.

The Legal Division is also the depository for all bilateral and multilateral instruments to which Malaysia is a Party.

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