1.   What Consular assistance or services can be provided by the Embassy of Malaysia in Zagreb?
            The Embassy of Malaysia in Zagreb provides consular assistance or services such as:
·        Issuance of visa (abroad)
·        Registration of Malaysians living abroad
·        Issuance of Emergency Certificate (loss of travel document/passport)
·        Registration of marriage and marriage ceremony
·        Registration of birth
·        Registration of death
·        Assistance to Malaysian nationals arrested abroad
·        Issuance, renewal and extension of travel documents
·        Registration of voters
·        Issuance of Good Conduct Certificate
·        Issuance of Certificate of Waiver of two year home residence
·        Serving of court documents abroad
     The Embassy will not be able to provide:
·       Help you find a job overseas
·     Arrange visas, work or residence permits for other countries, or help you obtain them.
·  Become involved with judicial affairs on your behalf in child custody cases in mixed marriages.
·    Pay or guarantee payment of your hotel, medical or any other bills, including the cost of returning lost luggage to Malaysia.
·      Act as travel agent, bank or post office or store your luggage.
·    Become involved in commercial disputes or take up complaints about local purchase, etc.
·     Provide translation, interpreter, telephone or photocopy services.
·       Investigate crimes in foreign countries.
·     Get you better condition in hospital than a local national would receive.
·    Provide accommodation at Malaysian Missions or the homes of officers overseas.
·  In the event of the arrest/detention of Malaysian citizens, Malaysian Missions abroad will not give legal advice, intervene in court proceedings or provide funds to pay for your legal costs of fines; Do something that is against the local law to help you; Become involved with the host government’s affairs to get you out of prison or obtain special treatment in prison; Bail or pay for fines; nor Become a bailsman, guarantor or sponsor.

2.     Do Croatian passport holders need to apply for visa to go to Malaysia?
No, all Croatian passport holders not requires visa to enter Malaysia not exceed 90 days for tourist purpose.
3.         Do I need vaccination to go to Malaysia?
Visitors coming from Croatia do not require vaccination to enter Malaysia provided that they were not visiting countries designated as Yellow Fever area.
4.         How do I apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct?
The application for a Letter of Good Conduct may be made by online application. Processing takes between two (2) to four (4) months for all complete applications. Please log-in http://www.kln.gov.my/web/guest/online.
5.         Can I register marriage at the Embassy of Malaysia in Zagreb?
Non-Muslim marriage can be registered at the Malaysian Mission provided that one or both of the couple is a Malaysian citizen. Registration of marriage must be made within the period of six (6) months after the marriage ceremony. For the marriage of Muslim couples (where one/both of the couple is a Malaysian citizen) that is done abroad, it needs to be registered at the religious office in respective states once back in Malaysia. Please be aware of the syariah laws and requirements of respective states to register Muslim marriages overseas before getting married overseas. 
6.         Do I need to register a child born in Croatia with the Embassy of Malaysia?
      A child born in Croatia and whose father is a Malaysian must be registered within one year of his/her birth. The failure to do so may lead to the loss of Malaysian citizenship to the child. The father of the child must not possess any nationality other than Malaysian nationality at the time of application. Effective from 1 June 2010, a child whose mother is a Malaysian while his/her father is a non-Malaysian may also apply for Malaysian nationality.  
7.     What service the Embassy can provide in the case of a Malaysian being arrested in Croatia?
After being informed officially of the arrest of Malaysian citizens, the Embassy can contact the arrested / detained person, arrange for family / next of kin to be informed if they so wish, give advice and guidance with the primary aim of helping them to have access to lawyers. The Embassy may also assist in the transfer of necessary emergency funds from relatives and/or friends in Malaysia.
8.     What will the Embassy do in the event of a death of a Malaysian in Croatia?
In the event of the death of a Malaysian citizen in Croatia, the Embassy of Malaysia in Zagreb is ready to assist Malaysians to bring back the remains of their family member or relative that had died abroad back to Malaysia. However, the cost has to be borne by the relative/next of kin.
Updated on 12/02/2016