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H.E. Ambassador Datuk Mohamad Sadik bin Kethergany celebrated an Iftar with the Ambassadors from the OIC member countries on Thursday, 16 June 2016 at his official residence. Guests include a representative from the media, several Imams and the management team from three Masjids in Budapest.  The HBS’s and family members, Malaysian expatriate, students and friends of Malaysia were also present.  After a brief breaking of fast with dates and Malaysian kuih-muih, the guests performed their Solat Maghrib thereafter were treated to sumptuous Malaysian and International delicacies including Lamb Beriani, Chicken Tandoori, Grilled Salmon, Turkish Salad, homemade Humus and Papad.  Many stayed on to enjoy the cool evening breeze sipping Cappuccino and CaffĂ© Latte from a freshly brewed Brazilian coffee while enjoying the beautiful Buda hill top scenery.


Malawakil Budapest

21 June 2016