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The Embassy of Malaysia in Budapest took the opportunity to celebrate the National Sports Day 2016 (Hari Sukan Negara 2016) on 8th October with an introductory session to CrossFit, in collaboration with Reebok CrossFit Duna gym.


CrossFit is a physical training regime that philosophises on constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements. These movements combine elements of gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio which are basically the core movements in everyday lives.


The session held at Budapest’s infamous recreational spot Margaret Island saw the participation of Embassy officials, locally-recruited Embassy staffs as well as members of the Malaysian community in Budapest comprising of various age groups.


Despite the varying age groups and fitness levels of the participants, the session was perfectly tailored by the two trainers from Reebok CrossFit Duna to make it challenging yet fun for all. Most importantly, all participants realised the importance of being physically active, in line with the spirit of Hari Sukan Negara.


Embassy of Malaysia


10 October 2016