Registration of Malaysians (Online) Registration of Malaysians (Online)




Malaysians living abroad are encouraged to register themselves at the nearest Malaysian Mission. This is a requirement and is clearly stated in the Malaysian International Passport. Malaysians who fail to register would face the risk of having their nationality revoked under Article 25(2) of the Federal Constitution.


Registering yourself would enable the Embassy to get in touch with you during emergencies or to inform on activities such as the Merdeka Celebration.


Registration can be done by calling upon the Embassy or alternately request for the registration form via telephone, letter or email and send in the duly filled form by post to be registered.


For short visits, it is sufficient to register by telephone or email. Information required is as follows:           



Passport Number:

Current address in the country:

Date of arrival:

Expected date of departure:


Registration of Malaysian in Hungary, North Macedonia and Slovenia


The Embassy of Malaysia is currently updating its database of Malaysian residing under its jurisdiction (Hungary, North Macedonia and Slovenia). The data is indeed necessary in the event of any emergency or consular assistance needed. In this connection, all Malaysians in Hungary, North Macedonia and Slovenia are advised to register or update their registration data by filling in the form and either mail it to the Embassy postal address or email it to us.