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Updated as of March 2021









Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Malaysia  to the Republic of Indonesia                                       

Mr.  Adlan Mohd Shaffieq

Deputy Chief of Mission / Head of Chancery


Mr. Mohd Fuad Mat Sari



Prof. Madya Dr. Mior Harris Mior Harun

Minister (Education)


Mrs. Juraida Abd Jamil

Minister Counsellor


Brig. Gen. Rizuan bin Abu Bakar

Defence Attache 



Minister Counsellor (Economic)


Mr. Roslan Othman      

Minister Counsellor (Tourism)        


Mr. Har Man Ahmad

Counsellor (Trade) 


ACP Zakaria bin A Rahim

Security Liaison Officer


Mr. Noraffendy Abd Khalid

Counsellor (Consular & Immigration)


Mr. Shukri Ahmad

Counsellor (Customs)


Mr. Muhammad Naqzrul Azraf Mhd Nazarludin

Counsellor (Religion)


- Vacant-

Counsellor (Labour)


Mrs. Anita Kaur Gala Singh



Mr. Mubarak Samsudin

Counsellor (Education)


Lt. Col. Rosmal Abd Malek       

Assistant Defence Attache (Air Force)


Kdr. Nor Izam Baharuddin                       

Assistant Defence Attache (Navy)       



Assistant Security Liaison Officer    


Mrs. Noor Aida Mohd Adham

First Secretary 


 Mr. Azwiralbukhairi Ab Aziz

First Secretary   


Mr. Mohd Khairi Mohd Hanafiah

First Secretary


Ms. Haryanty Abu Bakar

First Secretary     


Mr. Ammil Afiq Jasimi

First Secretary


Mr. Ruhaizad Ahmad 

Second Secretary  


Mrs. Siti Nurazmah Mohd Azman

Third Secretary      


Mrs. Qistin Amiera Ab Rahim

Third Secretary      


Mr. Halid Mohamed Japri

Third Secretary


Mrs. Nor Hasimah Abu Hassan

Personal Assistant to the Ambassador of Malaysia     


Mrs. Yati Sulaiman


Personal Assistant                              


Ms. Farah Eleena Abdul Aziz

Personal Assistant


Mrs. Nani Rahayu Adnan


Assistant Administrative Officer                                    


Mrs. Normaswani Norhizlan

Assistant Administrative Officer   



Assistant Administrative Officer   


S Sgt. Abdul Jalil Abdul Hamid

Assistant Administrative Officer   


Corp. Mohd Rozie Ramli

Assistant Administrative Officer