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Commemoration of Saadi Shirazi, Shiraz

Commemoration of Saadi Shirazi, Shiraz


Iran commemorated Saadi Shirazi, one of the reknown Persian poets of the 13th Century.  Saadi, is known for his great writings and poets akin to William Shakespeare.  About 30 Ambassadors were present in the event which was also attended by Mr. Mohamad Rahimi, Deputy President and Dr. Malek Zadeh, Head of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism (ICHTO) and other local dignitaries.  Amb. Sadik Gany was given the honour to address the audience wherein he spoke about the influence of Saadi on the livelihood of the Iranian people and its rich cultural heritage.  He quoted a piece of Saadi’s work from his infamous book ‘Boustan’ which reads, “Of one essence is human race, thus has creation put the base, one limb impacted is sufficient, for all others to feel the mace”.






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16 June 2013