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Italian citizens and many other nationals going to Malaysia do not need visa for tourism and business up to 90 days.
Italian citizens need to have a valid passport of at least 6 months from the date of entry to Malaysia,  hotel booking, return or on-going to a different destination airline ticket, travel insurance (is advisable)  and enough funds to stay for the whole period. For any other reasons they need visa and should contact the Malaysia Embassy in Italy.
Documentation needed for those countries that need visa:
-    visa form
-    2 photographs
-    passport
-    Italian stay permit
-    return or proceeding to another destination airline ticket
-    hotel booking
-    bank statement
-    visa fee
for other reasons than tourism must also have :
if for business                :    invitation letter from Malaysian sponsor
if for working reason     :    VDR & PVP approvals from Immigration Department & Invitation letter from Malaysian sponsor or contract
if for studies                  :    University acceptance letter and Immigration and EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services ) Approvals
For countries that require visa for tourism or business, visa may also be applied online through


Country Without Visa VWTR VWR
On Arrival Extension On Arrival Extension On Arrival Extension
  Italy 3 mths - 3 mths 2 mths 3 mths 3 mths
  ** VWTR

- Visa Without Reference (Visa is issued by Malaysian mission in the respective country)


- Visa With Reference (Visa is approved by the Immigration Department)