Passport Renewal Passport Renewal



Documents required by the Immigration Attaché Office:


1.        1 copy of the completed Application Form (IM.42-Pin.1/97) – can be downloaded at / hard copy can be obtained at the Embassy of Malaysia.


2.        Original & 2 photo copies of:


2.1.    Malaysian International Passport (For copies, page 1 to 7 and pages have endorsement)


2.2.    Malaysian Identity card / Malaysian Birth Certificate / Citizenship card


2.3.    Permanent Resident card


2.4.    Employment letter from the company


2.5.  Letter from university, college or school, confirming the applicant is a bona fide student together with the applicant study visa issued by the Cambodia Immigration and Citizenship Department.


2.6.    Work visa issued by the Immigration and Citizenship Department.


3.        Three (3) recent, passport size photographs with White background. (Size 3.5 cm x 5.0 cm)


4.        Passport fees: USD60.00  (Payment in cash only)


5.        Additional documents for children's passport applications under 18 years old:


5.1.    One (1) copy of Parents Consent Form Borang A1/B1 (IM.42A-Pin1/93 – can be obtained at the Embassy)


5.2.    Birth Certificate/Mykid (original and 2 photocopies) - for Malaysians under the age of 12 years and first time applicants


5.3.    Parents Passports (original and 2 photocopies pages 1-7)


5.4.    Parents Malaysian Identity Cards (original and 2 photocopies)


5.5.    Parents Permanent Residence Card (Malaysians only)/Work Permit/Study Permit (original and 2 photocopies)


5.6.    Parents Marriage Certificate (original and 2 photocopies) – for first time applicants.





All applicants must submit their applications in person. Application by mail will not be entertained.


Processing takes three (3) to four (4) months depending on the approval by Passport Section, Immigration Malaysia Headquarters, Putrajaya.