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Bilateral Trade Session with Sri Lanka National Chamber of Commerce



24 November 2016: High Commissioner was invited as Chief Guest and Key Speaker for the Bilateral Trade Session with Sri Lanka National Chamber of Commerce. The monthly program is where the Chamber invites Ambassador/High Commissioner to address the members on the current bilateral trade  and  other services available in the respective country.


The sessions have hosted several Ambassadors/High Commissioners in Sri Lanka and have proved to be quite popular and beneficial to the members. About 20 members of the Sri Lanka National Chamber of Commerce attended the event that was held in the afternoon.


High Commissioner briefed the participants on the current bilateral trade environment, investment opportunities/services, products in demand and any other important information pertaining to trade and business between Malaysia and Sri Lanka. There was also interactive slot between High Commissioner and the participants where few substantive questions with regard to the trade/business/investment between the two countries were posted


The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka is one of the pioneering and leading chambers in the country with around 68 years of service to the business community in Sri Lanka. The Chamber presently has a membership of over 600 corporate and serves about 1200 Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises spread throughout the country. The Chamber maintains very close relations and rapport with all local and foreign trade related institutions including Government Ministries, Diplomatic Missions, Chambers and Agencies etc.