Home Based Staff Home Based Staff

1. (Vacant)

Ambassador of Malaysia


2. YBrs. Dr. Mohd Norhisyam Mohd Yusof

Chargé d’Affaires a.i /Head of Chancery


3. Mr. Muhamed Salim Mohd Ali

Counsellor (Agriculture)


4. Ms. Emeliana Zainol

Counsellor (Trade)


5. Ms. Rosbi Mamat

First Secretary (Cultural Affairs)


6. Ms. Fadhilah Halimatus Shifa Kusumaningrum Mohd Shah

First Secretary (Political)


7. Ms. Fariha Edrous

First Secretary (Agriculture)


8. Mr. Sarizam Abu Bakar

Second Secretary (Administration and Consular)


9. (Vacant)

Second Secretary (Cultural Affairs)


10. Ms. Sofiana Ab Wahab

Personal Assistant to Ambassador