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Rustenburgweg 2 Zuid-Holland
The Hague
Telephone: +31 70 3506506
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Working Days: Monday - Friday
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Visit by Participants of Summer Course of The Hague Academy of International Law to the Embassy of Malaysia, 9 August 2018 and 23 July 2018

On 9 August 2018 and 23 July 2018, Malaysian Embassy in The Hague received visits of two groups of students attending the Summer Courses of The Hague Academy of International Law. The visits were part of the students’ training to gain knowledge in settlement of disputes not just from a judicial point of views, but through diplomacy.


A total number of seven international students from six different countries took part in the visits. Apart from learning the roles and functions of the Embassy, the students took the opportunity to gain knowledge about Malaysia, and other international and regional development through their dialogue with H.E. Dato’ Ahmad Nazri Yusof, Ambassador of Malaysia to the Netherlands. H.E. Ambassador encouraged the postgraduate students to visit Malaysia and neigbouring countries to learn more about the region’s cultural diversity and political dynamics.