Client Charter Client Charter



Client Charter


"We are committed to provide our clients with quality, accurate and friendly service of the following:


* Providing and disseminating accurate information on Malaysia especially those related to the enhancement of the bilateral relations with Pakistan.


* Providing Consular and Immigration services within its mandate.


We promise that if applications are made in proper order, without the Consulate having to refer to the competent authorities in Malaysia, the following application would be processed within:


One Working Day:

* Issuance of Emergency Certificate (for Malaysians only)

* Authentication/Attestation of Documents and Notarial Service


Three Working Days:

* Issuance of Visa

* Registration of Birth

* Registration of Marriage


We further promise that all inquiries and correspondences will be initially responded within three working days".




The following Provinces are under the Consulate jurisdiction:


1- Karachi Metropolitan and its adjacent Cities

2 - Sindh Province, and

3 - Balochistan Province