Client Charter Client Charter






We promise to deliver quality, efficient, accurate and within reasonable time frame for the following services:


To furnish information that is complete inclusive of summaries, discussion notes and draft speeches and to plan for and implement state visits to improve bilateral relationships and national interests


To act as a responsive focal point for foreign embassies in terms of bilateral activities and to instruct as well as provide directions to our embassies on policy matters to improve bilateral interests.


To implement and facilitate management services in consular, human resource, general administration and security, ICT, finance and development matters.


To make available and to disseminate accurate information about Malaysia, especially on foreign policies to the media, Malaysians and the international community.




In pursuit of the objectives of the Ministry, the Core Values of the Malaysian Administrative and Diplomatic Service will serve as the guidelines for the Ministry as well as its officials in the conduct of its work. These values will be the creed of the Ministry and will serve as a reminder of the Ministry’s firm commitment to serve the people and the Government of Malaysia.


·        Loyalty - Loyalty to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and the Country

·        Integrity - Serving with integrity, ethics and accountability

·        Dedication - Aiming to serve the nation and the people above all else

·        Professionalism - Serving by virtue of knowledge and competence

·        Innovation - Constantly striving for excellence


Last updated on 15 July 2012