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Official Opening Ceremony of Art Exhibition entitled 'Breathing The Waves Digital Tropical'

On 21 January 2022, a joint initiative by several Universities from Malaysia and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland was held for an official opening ceremony of the Art Exhibition entitled “Breathing the Waves Digital Tropical”. On the Polish side Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts, Dr. Dominika Golebiewska hosted the event which was held virtually. Ms. Nur Atikah Anuar, CDA a.i. at the Embassy of Malaysia in Warsaw delivered the welcoming remarks at the virtual opening ceremony of the art exhibition. The virtual opening ceremony was joined by 12 Malaysian artists and researchers from various universities in Malaysia who contributed to the exhibition. Due to increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases in Poland, both the representatives from the Universities in Malaysia and the Embassy in Warsaw were not present physically in Gdansk. 

Breathing the waves portrayed images and sounds from the Malaysian context which are displayed in a universal and almost introspective persona. This art exhibition tries to cross a new cultural border about imagination and spatial representation between two places. It relocates the visual image captured in Malaysia to a different setting in Gdansk. While the Malaysian artists are portraying the passion of the imaginary of places in Malaysia and put in place a new fiction of thought, the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk provides a destination in exhibiting the imagination of place as a reality.


The art exhibition endorsed scientific environmental artwork of Malaysian researchers and artists besides incorporating element of the rich Malaysian culture. The data for the art exhibition which was collected near Tioman Island for two years were represented using lights artwork. The lights artwork were inspired by the lights of the underside of a traditional tropical house of Malay community in Malaysia. The creativity of the Malaysian Universities’ researchers in presenting Malaysian culture using their artworks are commendable. During the virtual opening, the Malaysian researchers and artists received lots of questions about their art works from the participants in Poland since they are interested to learn more about the artwork as well as Malaysian culture.





Embassy of Malaysia, Warsaw


24 January 2022