Registration of Malaysians (Online) Registration of Malaysians (Online)



Malaysians living abroad are advised to register themselves at the nearest Malaysian Mission, The failure to do so may cause difficulties for the Embassy to provide assistances or protection in the event of Emergencies or may lead to the loss of citizenship under Article 25(2) of the Constitution of Malaysia.


Registering yourself would enables the Embassy to get in touch with you during emergencies (natural disaster, or any circumstances if any) or to inform on activities such as the Merdeka Celebration, promoting Malaysia, or any special event, if any.


Registration of Malaysians living abroad may be made online at or by filling up the Registration form at the Embassy. Registration form can also be download thru and send the duly filled from by email. No Fees will be charged for this registration.


For short visit (less than three months), Malaysians visiting Qatar are advised to merely provide following details by telephone or email to the Embassy.


1.  Name

2.  Passport Number

3.  Telephone number or email address (in case of emergency)

4.  Address of the place of stay (Hotel, Friend’s house, etc.)

5.  Date of Arrival 

6.  Expected date of departure