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Syeda Amtul, Saudi Gazette Monday, March 02, 2015


JEDDAH — As part of the eighth Asian Film Festival 2015, organized by the Asian Consuls General Club (ACGC), Malaysian documentary film "Malaysia Chairmanship of ASEAN" and a film "Terbaik Dari Langit (Best from the Sky)" were screened at the Malaysian Consulate here Sunday night.


Many dignitaries, diplomats, prominent Malaysian community members and movie lovers attended the event, who also had the opportunity to get a taste of Malaysian food.


Welcoming the guests, Malaysian Consul General Mohd Khalid Abbasi Abdul Razak said: "With the continuing of our visit year Malaysia 2014-2015 year of festivals and the chairmanship of ASEAN, we cordially invite all our friends from Saudi and others to visit Malaysia. Last year more than 110,000 Saudis visited Malaysia from total tourist’s arrivals of approx. 27 million and generated around USD $22 billion revenue to the country. We are very happy about this and I hope this year will be more than that."


Talking about the film, Abdul Razak said the story of the film revolves around friendship. A filmmaker, Berg, reunites with his school friends after 15 years to go on a trip to prove that UFO is real. Berg’s ultimate goal is to turn the adventure into a film.


Together the four friends embark on a journey across Malaysia to search for the truth. 


However, along the way, tension arises when conversations veer in to the good old days and everyone seems to disagree over what happened when they were in the school. Soon, the UFO chase that they had embarked becomes more than what it is.


The 106-minute film, starring Bront Palare, Ledil Putra, Amerul Affendi, Nadiya Nisaa, Megat Shahrizal, Aziz Sattar, Siti Saleha and Sharifah Amani, marks the debut of director Nik Amir Mustapha, who bagged four awards at Malaysia "Anugerah skrin 2013" and five awards at Malaysia Film Festival 2014, including the best film and best director at both events.


In October 2014, the film made its way to the 27th edition of Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) as a contender in the Asian future category.


The film was produced by Astro Shaw company. 


The movie was released in 2014 in Malay language with English subtitle. Young Malaysian girls Aisyah Sara and Azra Safiya mesmerized the audience with a song "Sahabat (friends)."


The Asian Film Festival in Jeddah started on February 28.