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Published — Sunday 1 March 2015


Felda Investment Corporation Sdn Bhd (FIC) has launched the first Malaysian restaurant in Jeddah. FIC has appointed D’Saji Sdn Bhd to operate the restaurant — D’Saji Kitchen Malaysian & Asian Cuisine — located on Tahlia Street, one of the city’s most exclusive commercial hubs.


The 112-seater restaurant is a great addition to Jeddah’s diversity of food scene. Guests can sample a variety of Asian cuisines from the buffet line and cooking stations, which serve, among others, hot Malaysians’ favorites, roti canai (flaky flatbread eaten with curry) and satay (marinated grilled meat enjoyed with thick peanut sauce).


Felda Chairman Y.B. Utama Haji Mohammed Isa bin Abdul Samad in his opening speech mentioned that the open kitchen concept is adopted to create an atmosphere that infuses the rich Malaysian cultures and to enhance the customer’s sensory experience through the divine smells of Asian spices and ingredients, and not forgetting the artistry of cooking.


On the debut of the first Malaysian restaurant in Jeddah, Isa said: “It is a good opportunity for both Malaysia and Saudi Arabia to strengthen their relations through enhanced intercultural engagements. It would contribute to greater cultural exchanges and promote better understanding between both countries in various aspects, benefiting both parties in a multitude of ways.”


FIC and D’Saji are not only aiming to capture the Malaysian and rest of the Asian market, but also leveraging from Jeddah’s location as the gateway to Saudi Arabia. Each year, Jeddah receives high numbers of visitors from all over of the world to perform the pilgrimage and, with its cosmopolitan ambiance, it is fast becoming one of travelers’ favorite destinations.


Alongside the effort to attract foreign visitors to the restaurant, Jeddah’s local community remains as the primary focus. Influenced by their vibrant surrounding, they are open toward different palates and tastes.