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by Shafina Razak


Jeddah, 19 March 2014 - A nutritious and well-balanced diet can sometimes be forgotten when we are given an array of delicious food. Thinking it should not be disregarded, Puan Aniza Khalid the Chairperson of Perwakilan Jeddah initiated the idea of Healthy Food Competition among the ladies in order to promote healthy eating, balanced diet as well as sportsmanship among the ladies.  


The Perwakilan ladies were divided into 3 groups, each having a different theme to contest on. The theme was breakfast, lunch and dinner of which each group did a savoury dish, sweet dish and a drink to complete the whole meal. Each group presented their meals and was judged by how it was presented, the decoration used, nutritional value and time consumed for preparation.  


Perwakilan Jeddah invited the Consul General of Malaysia, Mr. Mohd Khalid Abbasi Abdul Razak and our beloved Chairperson to judge the competition. Based on their vast knowledge on food and having a degree in Food Science herself, the judging was made with fairness and candour.  


Held in Consulate Malaysia Jeddah, each group won a handsome price and cash with placement from 1 to 3. To top it all, each group made their meal in abundance and was shared among the ladies. The event was indeed fun - an `out of the box thinking’ competition that promotes doable healthy eating that is cheap and easy to make. The ladies went back with a load of information, full stomach and camaraderie among ladies.