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  1. Applicants are advised to read the instruction carefully before fill up the form.
  2. All application must be in BLOCK LETTERS (Capital Letters) write clearly and neat.
  3. Applications which are not clear without Block Letters will not be accepted/ process. This will delay the entire application.
  4. Therefore, please ensure the forms are filled up carefully and clearly in BLACK INK.
  5. All foreign certs, ID's & documents to be certified true copy from relevant embassies. 

Notarial Services

The following are the list of notarial services rendered:

1)   Authentication

2)   Attestation

3)    Certifying copies of original documents

4)    Witnessing of signatures


Authentication is the procedure by which the authority that issue or execute documents in one country may be recognized by another country. The Consular Section verified certain signatures, stamp or seal on certain types of documents. Once verified, we stamp and sign the document confirming that we have verified the signature or seal on the document.

The documents for authentication are:

a.            Translation of birth, marriage and, educational certificates by the Singapore Subordinate Courts-duly stamped and signed;

b.         Singapore death certificate, duly stamped and signed by the Consular Division of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore (1, Sherwood Road, Singapore 248163); and

c.       Personal or company documents issued by other country for the purpose of using them in Malaysia will have to be attested by the following authorities before presenting them to our Consular Section:

·   Respective High Commission / Embassy/ Consulate of issuing country; OR

·  The Notary Public, Singapore Academy of Law & Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore;  OR

·   Singapore International Chamber of Commerce & Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore



· Attestation of Singapore documents (Documents issued by Government of Singapore ( Passport, NRIC, birth certificate, death certificate):

      You must get the documents duly attested the Consular Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore.

      Attestation of Singapore documents (other than the above)

      You must get the documents duly attested by all the following:

     a) Notary Public, Singapore;

     b) Singapore Academy of Law; AND

     c) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore


      The Consular Section is authorised to certify the Malaysian educational certificate from primary level to SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) level only. Any higher level than SPM, the applicants are advised to approach Ministry of Education in Malaysia before getting endorsement from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia.

·         Attestation of Malaysian documents 

     Documents issued by Government of Malaysia (Passport, birth certificate, MyKad,death certificate): You can get the documents duly attested by the Consular Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Putrajaya (Address: 1 Jalan Wisma Putra, Presint 2, 62602 PUTRAJAYA) OR Malaysian High Commission Of Malaysia, Singapore (Address:301, Jervois Road Singapore 249077)

      Attestation of other Malaysian documents (issued by Malaysian company etc)

      You must get the documents duly attested by all the following:

     a) Notary Public, Malaysia; AND

     b) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

·         Attestation of foreign documents 

     a) Documents must be duly attested by the respective High Commission/Embassy/Consulate of  issuing country; OR by all the following: 

         > Notary Public, Singapore;

         > Singapore Academy of Law; AND

         > Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore


For witnessing of signature, please do not sign the documents before coming to the High Commission. You must come personally to the Consular Section of the High Commission and sign the Malaysian legal documents in the presence of the Consular Officer of the High Commission. 

The documents presented must conform to Malaysian laws. Examples of documents for witnessing are:

a.          Property Sales & Purchase agreement;

b.         FORM 14A {Memorandum of Transfer issued by the Malaysian Land and Mines Department};

c.        Bank facilities for purchase of properties;

d.        Form 16 A {Charge issued by the Malaysian Land and Mines Department};

e.         Power of Attorney;

f.       Statutory declaration (loss of passport, confirmation of single status (issued by Singapore ROM), Non-Bankrupt, FORM 48A etc);

g.       Affidavits;

  • For all the above services, an applicant must bring all the relevant documents mentioned below :

a.        Application form duly- filled and signed;

b.        Photocopy of client / representative’s identification card and passport;

c.        Original document to be attested / authenticated / legalized;

d.     Letter from the lawyer addressed to the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore requesting for notarial service.


Please note that:

i) FEE / CHARGES:        

SGD 5 - SGD 10 (Cash Only) (depending on type of document) per signature of the Consular officer.


You will collect your documents after three (3) working days.


No appointment is required. The Consular counter opening hours is: Monday to Thursday 8.00 am - 12.00pm and Friday 8.00am-11.30am. We are not open on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

 Our address is: 301 Jervois Road, Singapore 249077

Should you require any further information, please contact us (Ms Aspalela 68876 234).


iv).                EPF MATTER

All services and the witnessing of signatures pertaining to EPF matter should be dealt directly with the EPF offices. You may check the details and requirements at the following offices.


EPF Offices



Bangunan KWSP

Jalan Raja Laut

50350 Kuala Lumpur


Office Operating Hours

Day: Monday- Friday

Time:8.15 am – 5.15 pm


Counter Operating Jours

Day: Monday – Friday

Time:7.45 am – 4.45 pm


EPF Customer Call Management Centre



No 8 & 10 Tingkat Bawah 1 & 2

Jalan Haji Manan 86000

Kluang Johor


Counter Operating Jours

Day: Sunday – Wednesday

Time:8.15am  –  4.30 ptg


Day: Thursday

Time:8.15am  –  4.15 ptg


EPF Customer Call Management Centre


Johor Bahru

Tingkat 1-2,2-16 Bangunan KWSP

Jalan Dato’ Dalam, 80000

Johor Bahru Johor


Counter Operating Jours

Day: Sunday – Wednesday

Time:8.15am  –  4.30 ptg


Day: Thursday

Time:8.15am  –  4.15 ptg


EPF Customer Call Management Centre