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The following are the services rendered to Malaysians by the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore:






  1. Applicants are advised to read the instruction carefully before fill up the form.
  2. All application must be in BLOCK LETTERS (Capital Letters) written clearly and neat.
  3. Applications which are not clear without Block Letters will not be accepted/ process. This will delay the entire application.
  4. Therefore, please ensure the forms are filled up carefully and clearly in BLACK INK.



Conditions of Application

a)             Aged 21 years and above during application

b)             Singapore citizen / is becoming Singapore citizen


Application Procedures

Form ‘K’ and Form MY-RN1 are available at the Consular Division, High Commission of Malaysia.


Fee / Documents to Be Submitted


Submission of application   : Monday – Thursday            : 8.00 am - 12.00 pm

                                                  Friday                                   : 8.00 am - 11.30 am

Collection                               : Monday – Friday                 : 2.30 pm - 4.00pm


1)         BORANG K (Yellow Form)                                                        - 2 sets (dully-filled)

2)         Form (MY-RN1)                                                                        - Original

3)         Letter of Approval from ICA Singapore                                     - Original & 2 photocopies

4)         Malaysian I.C / Temporary Malaysian I.C                                 - Original & 2 photocopies

5)         Singapore Pink I.C / National Service I.C / Blue I.C                  - Original & 2 photocopies

6)         Malaysian / Singapore/ Foreign Birth Certificate                      - Original & 2 photocopies

7)         Fee: SGD 10.00 (cash only) (SGD 5.00: Renunciation & SGD 5.00: Certify True Copy)


NOTE:   Applicant who was born in Singapore is required to produce:-

i)        BORANG W (Malaysian Birth Register Certificate); OR

ii)        Pengesahan Taraf (Confirmation of Status) issued by Malaysian National Registration  Department; OR

iii)       Perakuan Taraf (Certificate of Status) issued by Malaysian Immigration Department


8)       Applicant who was born before 31 August 1957,                                    - Original & 2 photocopies

          (Malaysian Citizenship Certificate)

9)      Singapore Citizenship Certificate & Passport,                                          - Original & 2 photocopies

          (If applicable)

10)     Malaysian International Passport

11)     Three (3) recent passport – size photograph                                          - White background


Note :        i)     All photocopies of documents in A4 size paper

                 ii)     Forms to be hand-written or typed. Mistakes to be cancelled neatly. Do not use Tipp-ex;

                 iii)    Original Malaysian birth certificate to be laminated before submission;

                 iv)    To photocopy front and back of Singapore Citizenship Certificate;

                 v)     Applicant who do not have Borang ‘W’ must produce 2 photocopies of parent’s document

                             ie: Identity card, Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate and passport

                vi)     Collection of the acknowledgement slip is after three (3) working days.


Our address is : 301 Jervois Road, Singapore 249077

Should you require any further information, please contact us 68876 234



Update : 28 June 2022