Visa Requirement Visa Requirement





Time of process is 5 working days excluding postal services

Please check on visa requirement for foreigners to enter Malaysia in the website, under the topic Visa Information – Visa requirements for Foreigners and period of stay allowed

(For holders of Aliens Passport or Travel Document, maximum 30 days stay is allowed if visa is approved)

Afghanistan passport holders is not allowed to apply from this Embassy- except a referred case



Embassy of Malaysia

P.O. Box 26053

100 41 Stockholm


  1. Valid original passport with more than 6 months validity after date of entry into Malaysia
  1. A copy of your passport (only details page)
  1. The applicant must be a resident of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland. A photocopy of the Residence Permit endorsement in country of residence has to be submitted
  1. One (1) passport photograph to be pasted on the form
  1. Proof of employment/studies/self-employed/income support or other relevant supporting documents. (Letter from employer or school)
  1. Invitation letter from Malaysia (if any) to be faxed/emailed directly to this Embassy together with a copy of the sponsor´s Malaysian Identity Card, (if the sponsor is a Malaysian).  If the sponsor is not a citizen of Malaysia, a copy of the sponsor´s passport and work/ residence Permit has to be submitted instead. Applicant may attach the letter together in the application
  1. Latest Bank Statement showing last one month of transactions as proof of applicant´s financial ability to finance the stay in Malaysia. Bank Statement should show a minimum of SEK500.00 per day per person X the days/per person stay in Malaysia
  1. A photocopy of the confirmed return ticket.  The flight ticket must show the period of stay allowed in Malaysia to enable Stockholm’s Office to issue visa. For the period of stay allowed for different citizens, please check on the website .  Any extension of stay is at the discretion of the Immigration Officer in Malaysia.
  1. Completed and signed one (1) full complete set of application form (IM47 – Pin 1/97) Forms can also be downloaded from website, or (download application forms)
  1. A copy of confirmed hotel reservations made (only if no sponsor in Malaysia)
  1. Visa fee including postage fee with registered mail and all payments are to be paid in cash in Swedish Crowns.  The visa fees for Travel Document/Aliens Passport/Immigrant passport is SEK50.00 and for other Nationality passport please call or email the Embassy. The postage fee for the registered mail for an envelope for 1 passport for is SEK 100.00 (within Sweden) and SEK 130.00 (outside Sweden) Postage valid for 2019. Additional weight to add postage accordingly. For applicants outside Sweden who wishes to enclose stamps, please send only international stamps and not local stamps!
  1. Self-addressed padded envelope to return your passport with registered mail
  1. Please write down your email address and telephone number on the visa application forms, just below your address


  1. Incomplete visa application forms, missing documents and shortage of fees will only delay the process of the application or subject to refusal.
  1. Visa Section is open for submission of documents, Monday-Friday, except public holidays from 09.00am to 12 Noon

Please make sure you have an appointment made prior to your visit to the Embassy both to submit application and collection of passport. Visiting address is Karlavägen 37, Stockholm. IMPORTANT! Please ensure that all documents are in order

  1. Please be informed that applicant may be called in for an interview with the Officer concerned if required.
  1. All Applicants will be issued with Single Entry Social Visit Pass only (if application is approved by the Officer concerned).
  1. Time of process may take 3- 5  working days  excluding postal services
  1. The visa must be used within 3 months from date of issue


Embassy of Malaysia


Jan 2019



Please submit the following documents for the single entry endorsement into your passport:-

  1. One (1) full complete set of IM47 forms (as per attached)
  2. 1 photograph to be pasted on the form
  3. Letter of approval from the Malaysian Immigration Department
  4. Original passport & 1 copy of the details page only
  5. A copy of the flight ticket (if any)
  6. Endorsement fee depending on the nationality. Please check with Embassy
  7. Postage fees for registered mail depending on the weight of the envelope. Please check with Embassy
  8. A small self -addressed padded envelope to return your passport
  9. Please write your telephone no and email address on the form just below your the address


If you are coming personally to the Embassy, please make sure you have an appointment made prior to your visit

Consular hours, Mon-Fri except public holiday, 9am to 12noon

Please contact Embassy for the updated fees

All payments are to be paid in SEK in cash



Embassy of Malaysia

P.O. Box 26053

100 41 Stockholm


VISITING ADDRESS : Karlavägen 37, 114 31 Stockholm