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Please be informed that the Embassy of Malaysia in Bangkok DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO ISSUE OR RENEW THE MALAYSIAN INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT (Machine Readable Version). 


             With effect from December 2009, the Government of Malaysia has ceased to issue out passport renewal Malaysian Embassies/High Commissions abroad.  All renewal process has to be done at the Immigration Office in Malaysia which will issue out machine readable version passport. Given the proximity between Malaysia and Thailand, any Malaysians residing in Thailand has the options of either:


(a)      returning to Malaysia before the expiry of the passport and renew the passport at any of the Immigration office in Malaysia; or


(b)     cross the Malaysia-Thai border and visit any of the Immigration office at Bukit Kayu Hitam, Padang Besar, Alor Setar, Pengkalan Hulu or Rantau Panjang for renewal purposes.


(please visit : )

Nevertheless,  the application could be submitted through the Embassy which in turn will forward it to the Malaysian Immigration Department in Putrajaya.  Processing time may take up to 3 months.



Issuance And Renewal Of Malaysian Passport

At Embassy of Malaysia, Bangkok




1- Two (2) copies of current Malaysian Passport (whole book)

2- Two (2) copies of Identification Card

3- Two (2) copies of Birth Certificate – if available

4- Three (3) recent passport size photographs (white background)

5- A copy of self-declaration letter stated the understanding of production process will take three (3) to four (4) months after the application is received by the recipient office (the relevant Malaysian Representative Office).

6- Two (2) copies of relevant visa in Thailand as mentioned in passport with English translation (for non-Malay document) (i.e. photocopy of Thai working permit with English translation for Non-B visa, photocopy of marriage certificate with English translation for Non-O spouse visa)    

7- Passport Fees - THB2,500 (13-59 years old) THB1,500 (Senior citizens above 60 years old) THB1,500 (children 12 years and below) ALL PAYMENT MUST BE BY CASH ONLY MADE PAYABLE TO EMBASSY OF MALAYSIA.  

8- Form IM 42 (original form to be obtained at the Embassy upon submission)


Important Notes 


  1. You are required to come in person to submit your application and upon collection.
  2. Incomplete application will be returned back to you.
  3. Consular hours: Monday – Friday at 0830 – 1130 hrs.