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Ataturk (1972) Street 82 Berkarar Business Centre
9th Floor, Office I1, 
Telephone: + 993 12 46 9090
+ 993 12 46 8668 
Fax: + 993 12 46 9229
GMT: 3 hours KL (+)
Working Days: Monday - Friday
Working Hours: 9.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m
Public Holidays: Saturday & Sunday


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Visit by ‘Kembara Inspirasi Haji (KIH)’ participants, 15 August 2017


On 15 August 2017, the Embassy of Malaysia in Turkmenistan received a visit by seven ‘Kembara Inspirasi Haji (KIH)’ participants who are on their way from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia by two units of 4WDs.  After passing through Thailand, Lao PDR, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, these Malaysians have faced various kinds of challenges along their way to Turkmenistan.  It is hoped that they will continue their journey safely through Iran and UAE before arriving in Saudi Arabia to perform their Hajj.




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