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Good afternoon

Ladies and Gentlemen,


First and foremost, I warmly welcome you all to this seminar on MM2H Application. Thank you for taking time off your weekend schedule to attend this seminar.


  1. At the outset of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has indeed affected various economic sectors especially travel and tourism.  No countries including Malaysia are excluded from the impact of COVID-19. 


  1. To contain and mitigate the spread of this global pandemic, every country has implemented various measures including travel restrictions. Our day-to-day businesses have also been disrupted.  Nonetheless, as the saying of one economist, we don’t let this pandemic goes into waste. Thanks to our advance technology, current pandemic can positively trigger potential opportunities for stimulating business, trade and capital investment.  On this positive note, I would like to commend the MM2H Club for your continued efforts to promote Malaysia.


  1. As one of the largest and most comprehensive Malaysian second home platform, the MM2H club, which is supported by the Government of Malaysia, has indeed undertaken various initiatives to promote benefits and incentives of MM2H program. Since its inception in 2012, MM2H has been well-received by more than 120 countries globally.  In 2019 Taiwan remains the top 10 participating countries, with a total approved 1,503 MM2H participants compared to 1,445 in 2018. 


  1. Despite the challenges we are facing now, Malaysia ranks well globally as a stable and conducive environment for trade, investment and education opportunities.  Today, with the new and emergence of information and communication technologies, I strongly believe that this MM2H apart from promoting benefits and incentives of MM2H programme, also promote mutual understanding which can drive Malaysia and Taiwan’s cooperation to greater heights.


With this in mind, I wish MM2H club and everyone an enjoyable day, with fruitful exchanges of view.


Thank you.