Birth/Marriage Certificate Birth/Marriage Certificate

  1. Registration of Birth
    Malaysians born abroad can be registered at the Embassy on conditions:
    i. The father of the child is a Malaysian citizen
    ii. The registration is made within one (1) year from the date of birth
    For the purpose of the registration, the following information is required:
    i. Date of birth/age
    ii. Address in home country
    iii. Address of relative who can be contacted
    Apart from bringing the child to the Embassy, documents required for registration are as follows (original and photocopy):

    i. Passports of the parents
    ii. Identification Cards of the parents
    iii. Birth Certificates of the parents
    iv. Proof of marriage (photograph or invitation card if available)
    v. Acknowledgement letter from the hospital where the child was born
    Form W (letter for birth outside Malaysia) will be issued by the Embassy. A copy of the form will be sent to the National Registration Department of Malaysia to be recorded.

    For registration made beyond the period of one (1) year after the birth, the Embassy will forward the application to the National Registration Department of Malaysia for approval. Result of the application (approved or otherwise) will be conveyed to the applicant.
  2. Registration of Marriage and Marriage Ceremony 

    Marriage can be registered at the Embassy if at least one of the couple is a Malaysian citizen. 

    Marriage should be registered within six (6) months after the wedding/ceremony.

    Supporting documents required for registration are as follows:

    i. Passport of the couple (original and photocopies)

    ii. Malaysian Identification Card

    iii. Marriage Certificate

    iv. Prove of marriage such as photograph or invitation card (if available)

    v. Two (2) persons who witnessed the marriage

    Registration will be processed by the Embassy and two (2) copies of the Malaysian Marriage Certificate (original and a photocopy) will be issued to the couple.

    For non-muslims, marriage ceremony can be conducted by the Consulate Officer who is appointed by the National Registration Department of Malaysia. A letter of acknowledgement of the marital status of the couple (single/widow/widower) is required for the ceremony.