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We, Officers and Staff of the Embassy of Malaysia in Kyiv, Ukraine, pledge to render and deliver high-quality and efficient services with full dedication and responsibility on the following:


  • Undertake to safeguard Malaysia’s sovereignty and integrity in Ukraine;


  • Furnish relevant information towards enhancement of bilateral relations between Malaysia and Ukraine;


  • Undertake promotional activities to increase the growth of bilateral trade and investment between Malaysia and Ukraine;


  • Implement appropriate public diplomacy programmes towards elevating Malaysia’s image in Ukraine and increase people-to-people contact;


  • Provide friendly, excellent and effective public services to our clients; and


  • Provide assistance and necessary action on reported cases involving Malaysians in Ukraine within three working days upon receipt of report;


  • Issuance of Certificate of Good Conduct, attestation / endorsement of documents within two working days upon receipt of application (subject to approval and adequate supporting documents);


  • Convey applications for diplomatic clearance of aircrafts  and ships belonging to the Malaysian government to enter the air space, land or docks of Ukraine within three working days upon receipt of application;


  • Protect the safety, interest and welfare of Malaysians in Ukraine.