Passport Renewal Passport Renewal

Issuance and Renewal of Travel Documents


The Embassy does not have the authority to issue travelling documents and/or international passport to Malaysians abroad. However, application for new passport or renewal can be done at the Embassy of Malaysia in Kiev. It will take approximately three (3) months (from the date of submission) for the Immigration Department in Putrajaya to issue a new passport.

Documents required:

i. Application form
ii. Three (3) passport-sized photographs with blue colour background;
iii. National Registration Identification Card (NRIC) - the copy of NRIC can be faxed to the Embassy;
iv. Malaysian Birth Certificate - the copy of the Certificate can be faxed to the Embassy;
v. Current Passport (for renewal);
vi. A letter (in English) from the university confirming the identity and enrolment of the student (if the applicant is currently pursuing his/her education at a Ukrainian university)
vii. Application processing fee of RM300 (in UAH currency and according to current exchange rate)


for further clarification/information concerning this matter, please contact the Embassy at +380(44)2868940 / 41 (office hours) or e-mail: