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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the Economic Planning Unit, is organizing the "My Aspiration My Future" TN50 Photo Contest.  The objective of the contest is to invite Malaysians abroad to share their TN50 aspirations via Instagram and Twitter by captioning their selfies with something they aspire for Malaysia to become, or have in year 2050.  The contest also provides a channel for Malaysians to share visual representations of the kind of technology / innovation / practice that can be studied further and possibly, emulated.  The contest is only open to Malaysian citizens living abroad.


The contest runs from 7th of July to 30th September 2017.


To enter:


- Take a selfie / wefie with something you aspire for Malaysia to become, or have in year   


- Write your aspiration for your caption.  Tag @mytn50 and insert the following hashtags:

   #aspirasiku #globalmalaysians; and

- Upload your photo and caption on Instagram / Twitter. Be sure to follow @myTN50 for

   updates on the contest.


The top three (3) most inspirational, well composed, as well as unifying image and aspiration that evoke the best interpretation of the theme will win return flight tickets to Malaysia. Winners will be selected and contacted by the TN50 Special Unit.  Terms and conditions of the contest can be found at the TN50 Official Website: