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Global Blue Ocean Awards

What are the Global Blue Ocean Awards?


Transforming Nations through Creativitiy and Innovation


The Global Blue Ocean Awards recognize highly creative and innovatives around the world.  The essence of blue ocean strategy is delivering significantly high value or impact for customers (or for the people) at relatively low cost, and doing so rapidly.  The Global Blue Ocean Awards will be given to projects or initiatives that demonstrated high levels of creativity through the impact that they deliver while reducing costs relative to more conventional ways of doing things.  The execution fo the projects or initiatives is also curical and this is reflected in the criteria for determining the awards.


Winners will be recognized in six categories along with an overall winner.  The winner for each category will be flown to Malaysia for the presentation of the awards on 16 August 2016, during the International Conference on Blue Ocean Strategy.  The awards will be given by the Prime Minister of Malaysia as part of a gala dinner.


The closing date to participate and to submit the idea for Blue Ocean Strategy is on 31 July 2016 and to participate in contest, please visit