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Press Release: Car Bomb Attack in Ankara, Turkey on 13 March 2016






The Government of Malaysia strongly condemns the car bomb attack that took place in Ankara on 13 March 2016, which has so far killed 34 people and injured 125 people.


The Government of Malaysia expresses its deepest condolences and sympathies to the Government of the Republic of Turkey and to the families of the victims affected by the attack. Malaysia regards this latest incident as an atrocious act of terrorism and hopes that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.


The Embassy of Malaysia in Ankara is in close contact with Turkish authorities in determining if any Malaysians were among those affected by the attack. So far there has been no indication of any Malaysian casualties. The Embassy is also in close contact with Malaysians, including our students in Ankara.


The Ministry wishes to remind Malaysian citizens residing at or travelling to Ankara to always give utmost priority to their personal safety and the security of their surroundings, and to closely monitor and comply with any advisory issued by the Government of the Republic of Turkey. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia through the Embassy of Malaysia in Ankara will continue to monitor the situation.



14 March 2016