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Press Release: Commonwealth Day 2016 Message On Monday, 14 March 2016

Jata Negara



Malaysia joins the Commonwealth family of nations to celebrate the Commonwealth Day today, 14 March 2016. It is a celebration of unity in the modern Commonwealth which is nurtured through understanding the Commonwealth’s aspirations amongst a vast diversity of cultures.


Building on the momentum from last year’s theme which is “A Young Commonwealth”, this year’s theme “An Inclusive Commonwealth” refers to the values of tolerance, respect and understanding, as well as equity and fairness, set out in the Commonwealth Charter. It is also a day to celebrate the richness of the Commonwealth as a family of nations in which each Member State is valued equally and has an equal voice. The theme recognises the vital balance between inclusivity and equality. In changing times, the need for the Commonwealth to act as an inclusive network for mutual support, development and growth for all is as great as ever.


The Commonwealth has always been a unique platform to highlight the collective views and positions of its Member States on issues of common interest, as well as to cooperate and demonstrate their commitment towards the association’s values and principles, especially in seeking practical solutions to the many great tasks and challenges faced by the Commonwealth, and the world at large.


Malaysia is steadfast in its commitment and support to the Commonwealth and looks forward to hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 2020. Malaysia regards the Commonwealth as an important international entity which can play an advocacy and leadership role, especially in addressing the various global challenges that are affecting its members, particularly the small and least developed Member States.



14 March 2016