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Opening Reception of Art Showcase by Sabri Idrus

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, JAN 11 2017:  The Consul General of Malaysia, Mr. Jeremiah Oliver Jitos, was invited to attend the official Opening Reception of Sabri Idrus first solo exhibition in New York which was held in Etay Gallery.


"As a brief introduction, Mr. Sabri Idrus was born in 1971 and a Malaysian artist, engages in different disciplines and mediums as language according to his artistic needs, who likes to experiment in combining painting, graphic design and industrial materials to achieve a freed sociocultural authoritative opinion towards reinventing a new form of image.  His interest lies in developing works that tries to unfold his critical notion towards the social condition and the parody against institutions that secures the definition between painting and crafting painting.  His confidence in art making, particularly painting as an inalienable social process that submerged him in technical and material advancement through experiments".


To support his first solo art showcase in New York, Mr. Jeremiah Oliver Jitos and Mr. Mohd Fadly Amri Aliaman, were presence during the opening reception and it is a proud milestone to have another fellow Malaysian artist making his mark in the United States of America.