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TN50 Dialogue with Malaysians in New York

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, YB Dato’ Sri Anifah Hj. Aman held a dialogue with fellow Malaysians on Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) in New York on 24 September 2017.


The TN50 initiative, which was launched by YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia last January aims to set the national development agenda and trajectory for the next 30 years, post-2020. The TN50 process is inclusive and progressive, driven by clear targets and timelines to be collectively determined through a ‘bottom-up’ approach.


Against this background, the inaugural dialogue in New York was held in the spirit of TN50’s ‘bottom-up’ approach which calls for broad-based and inclusive engagement was warmly received and attended by more than 100 Mal aysian is currently residing in the United States of America.{C}{C}{C}



{C}{C}{C}During the TN50 Dialogue with fellow Malaysians on in New York, participants engaged in a robust discussion and shared their aspirations for Malaysia’s future with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.



{C}{C}{C}In sharing their aspirations, participants highlighted the importance of education empowerment and talent development for younger generation in preparing Malaysia to face the future challenges. The participants also expressed their hope for a greater Malaysia that all Malaysians can be proud of in the future. Issue of future employment opportunities in the country was also one of the main concerns raised by the participants.