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A. Required documents:-

1.   Completed and signed application form for Sijil Perakuan Cemas (Borang IM.42);

2.   Applicant’s Malaysian Passport and one copy (all pages except blank pages);

3.   Applicant’s Malaysian Identification Card and one copy (front and back);

4.  Two (2) recent passport size photographs (white background); and

5.   Original or notarized copy of a confirmed airline ticket to Malaysia.


B. Fees of USD18.00

(Payment by cash or money order** made payable to “Consulate General of Malaysia”)

** Money order is accepted ONLY FROM:

  i. The United State Postal Service (USPS);

 ii. Western Union; or

iii. MoneyGram.

C. Note

*If the original document of the Malaysian Identification Card or the Malaysian Birth Certificate is unavailable, the applicants have to present the Certified True Copy of the said document or to extract the Malaysian Identification Card or Malaysian Birth Certificate from National Registration Department (Cabutan Kad Pengenalan or Cabutan Sijil Lahir). Certified True Copies are accepted ONLY from Malaysia if obtained from:

  1. Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia; or
  2. any Immigration Department (of Malaysia) in Malaysia; or
  3. any National Registration Department (NRD) (of Malaysia) in Malaysia.

All applicants must submit their applications in person. We do not accept applications by mail.