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A. Required documents:-

1. Completed and signed Visa Application form (IM.47);

2. Applicant’s original passport (with at least six months validity) and a copy of the passport;

3. Original and one copy of applicant’s Permanent Resident card or valid US visa (B1/B2 tourist visas are not accepted);

4. Return postage USPS Express Mail Stamp only (for mail in Application);

5. Two recent passport size photograph;

6. Copy of confirmed flight itinerary showing dates of arrival and departure to and from Malaysia;

7. Copy of hotel reservation or proof of accommodation in Malaysia;

8. Copy of employment letter (or any other proof of employment or proof of school enrollment); and

9. Copy of applicant’s most recent bank statement (1 month minimum US$500.00).


B. Fees:-

The payment must be in cash or money order** made payable to “Consulate General of Malaysia”

   i. USD18.00 for the citizen of India;

  ii. USD14.00 for the citizen of Taiwan;

 iii. USD3.00 for the citizen of United States of America; and

 iv. USD10.00 for all other nationalities.


 ** Money order is accepted ONLY FROM:

 i. The United State Postal Service (USPS);

 ii. Western Union; or

iii. MoneyGram.


C. Note

1. Visa applications must be submitted at least two week prior to date of travel.

2. The processing time is three business day after the date of submission.

3. Visa applications for business travels can be submitted using visa service agency and visa applications for tourism can only be accepted in person or by mail.

4. List of foreign nationals who require Visa to enter Malaysia can be found here.

Application for eVISA Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) type for all countries that required visa are now open

Application for Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) Facility is now available effective 20th January 2023. Please note that all visa applicant is required to follow all the terms and conditions issued by the Malaysian Government.

eVISA MEV facilities:
- Business
- Fly and Cruise
- Wedding Tourism
- Medical Treatment

eVISA Applications from Singapore are now open

Single Entry Visa (SEV) and Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) applications are now available in Singapore for all nationalities that require an eVISA. Please take note that all visa applicants must follow to all of the Malaysian government's terms and conditions.

Please refer the link  for more information.