Visa Requirement Visa Requirement

Application for Malaysian Visa


A. Required documents:


  • Completed and signed Visa Application form (IM.47);
  • Applicant’s original passport (with at least six months validity) and a copy of the passport;
  • Original and one copy of applicant’s Permanent Resident card or valid US visa (B1/B2 tourist visas are not accepted);
  • Return postage USPS Express Mail Stamp only (for mail in Application);
  • Two (2) recent passport-sized photographs;
  • Copy of confirmed flight itinerary showing dates of arrival and departure to and from Malaysia;
  • Copy of hotel reservation or proof of accommodation in Malaysia;
  • Copy of employment letter (or any other proof of employment or proof of school enrolment); and
  • Copy of applicant’s most recent bank statement (1 month minimum US$500.00).


B. Visa Fees:





USD 18.00


USD 14.00


USD 3.00


USD 10.00


The payment must be in cash or money order made payable to “Consulate General of Malaysia”. Money order is accepted ONLY from:

  • The United State Postal Service (USPS);
  • Western Union; or
  • MoneyGram.


C. Note:


  • Visa applications must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to date of travel.
  • The processing time is three (3) business day after the date of submission.
  • Visa applications for business travels can be submitted using visa service agency. Applications for tourist visas should be submitted in-person or by mail.
  • A list of foreign nationals who require Visa to enter Malaysia can be found here.
  • Check other requirements needed to enter Malaysia by visiting the Consulate General of Malaysia in New York’s website.