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Embassy of Malaysia in Washington Launches Malaysia Food Fest and YouTube Cooking Channel



Embassy of Malaysia in Washington Launches Malaysia Food Fest
and YouTube Cooking Channel


Malaysia is truly Asia, its population a diverse cross-selection of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous peoples.  It’s no surprise, then, that Malaysian food comprises one of the world’s original fusion cuisines, a combination of these four traditions along with influences from Thai, Portuguese, Dutch, and Arabian fare, to name a few!

As a result, many find its preparation equals in complexity to its taste and diversity.  However, thanks to recent culinary ingenuity, the ability to create these appetizing and flavorful dishes right at home has become well within the reach of any busy American household.  A new YouTube cooking channel will help guide the way to this savory euphoria and provide more information about how to find the necessary ingredients for these dishes and delicacies.

This is all part of Malaysia Food Fest 2020, a month-long cross-cultural program developed by the Embassy of Malaysia in Washington, DC.

Restaurants in DC, New York, and Los Angeles are hosting cooking demonstrations that will be streamed on the YouTube channel.  Participating restaurants in DC include The Satay Club and Makan restaurant.  In Anaheim, California, Seasons Kitchen will be showcasing its specialties.  In New York, durian will be the highlight whereby MK International, Malaysia’s leading exporter of “Musang King” durian will showcase a dish with durian as an ingredient.

“Malaysia has much to share with our American friends and the world,” says Ambassador Azmil Zabidi.  “Like the US, Malaysia is very diverse – which is one of our strengths – and this is reflected in our culture of which food is a very important component.”

A huge fan of Malaysian cuisine, Makan’s owner and chef, James Wozniuk, has been traveling to Malaysia for years to learn the open secrets about the cuisine’s preparation.

“It’s astonishing that more people don’t know more about Malaysian food, given how amazing it is,” he says. “I’m looking forward to seeing it get more exposure and I can’t wait to share the experience I love with everyone who appreciates great food.”

Wozniuk, who just opened Makan earlier this year in DC, will be preparing three popular Malay dishes - Prawn Noodles, Chicken Curry with Rice, and Sambal with Petai.

“It’s exciting to see Malaysian cuisine becoming more and more popular as people around the world discover it,” adds Erny Sabrina binti Mohd Noor, Agriculture Counselor at the Embassy of Malaysia, who is leading the organization of the month-long event. “I believe this effort will only expand that trend and Malaysian dishes will become as common to the American palate as Italian or Chinese cuisine”.


Embassy of MAlaysia                                                                                                                                                                          

washington D.C.

16 October 2020