Registration of Malaysians (Online) Registration of Malaysians (Online)

 Embassy of Malaysia

3516 International Court, NW, Washington DC 20008

Tel: (202) 572-9700, Fax: (202) 572-9882, Email:






The requirement to register at the nearest Embassy or Consulate is clearly stated in the Malaysian International Passport.

Malaysians who fail to register would face the risk of having their nationality revoked under Article 25(2) of the Federal Constitution
                            1. Please register your name at the Embassy upon arrival in the country.  

2. For short visits, it is sufficient to register by e-mail. Information required is as follows:



- Name 

- Passport number   

- Current address in the country

- Date of arrival

- Expected Date of departure


3. To register in person please call the Consular Section and bring along your passport and one photograph




4. To mail your registration please download the form here: Registration Form.  Make sure to paste your current picture in the box.


5. Mail your registration form to:

                                       Embassy at Malaysia

        3516 International Ct, NW, Washington DC 20008


        e-mail to

  6. Registration is processed at the Embassy of Malaysia.  
  7. Registration is free.  




Please follow the instruction carefully 


The Embassy of Malaysia will not be responsible for passports/documents lost in mail.