1. Do South African needs to apply for visa to enter Malaysia?
South African will be able to enter into Malaysia on Visa On Arrival (VOA)
2. How do I apply for a letter of good conduct?
Letter of Good Conduct can be applied online. Please refer to our online services – ‘e-Consular" at the main page for the details.
3. How can I/South African apply to extend my visa in Malaysia?
Please refer to the Immigration Department of Malaysia Website for more information.
4. How do I register my marriage in Pretoria?
Non-Muslim marriage can be registered at the High Commission in Pretoria provided that one or both of the couple is a Malaysian citizen. Registration of marriage must be made within the period of six (6) months after the marriage.
For the marriage of Muslim couples (where one / both of the couple is a Malaysian citizen) that is in South Africa, it needs to be registered at the religious office in respective states once back in Malaysia.