Passport Renewal Passport Renewal



Passport is an important document therefore it must be in the safe custody of the holder at all times. All lost passport applications must go through a thorough investigation by Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia  before any consideration can be made for its replacement. 

The procedures are as follows;


  1. A complete Form Im. 42 – Pin 1/97 which can be downloaded from the Malaysian Immigration The form should be printed on both sides of A4 size paper.
  2. Copy of your old passport (all pages). It is not necessary to send the original passport;
  3. Copy of your Birth Certificate (if any);
  4. Copy of IC (Malaysian Identity Card);
  5. 3 photos (passport size 3.5x5cm with light blue background)
  6. Cover Letter regarding the renewal of your passport ( for applicants living in Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti & Nicaragua)
  7. A self addressed DHL envelope already prepaid in to facilitate the process of sending new passport.


Note: The above documents (ii, iii and iv) shall be certified by the Notary Public


**All fees can be transferred to the Embassy’s bank account ;                                


Name of the Bank     :           Banco Financiero Internacional S.A.

Address                       :           Edificio Sierra Maestra, 1st Avenue and 0 Street, Miramar, Playa,


Name of Account      :           Embassy of Malaysia, Havana

Currency                     :           Euro Only

Account Number       :           0300000003115744 or Swift Code:



All the above documents (once completed) have to be forwarded by
courier to the Embassy of Malaysia in Havana, Cuba.


All applications will be forwarded to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Putrajaya, Malasyia for processing and approval.  The estimated time of process is between 3-6 months.


Please follow the instruction carefully

The Embassy of Malaysia will not be responsible for passports/documents lost in mail.