Travel Advisory Travel Advisory


Malaysians who are residing in Ireland are advised to take note of the following when you are on holiday outside Ireland.


1)    Before the date of your travel:

a) Please check the website regarding visa requirements and ensure that the validity of your   passport is more than six months from the date of your arrival in the country you are visiting;

b) Before your departure, to send an e-mail to the nearest Malaysian Embassy / Malaysian Consulate in the country you are visiting informing them of your full name / family members accompanying, name and address of hotel or accommodation and length of stay. Address of the Malaysian Embassy / Consulate can be obtained from the website A copy of this e-mail to be sent to JPA / MARA / MSD, Dublin, where applicable;

c) You are strongly advised to take comprehensive travel insurance before travelling abroad. You should ensure that your policy covers medical treatment, accidents and unexpected losses such as cancelled flights, stolen cash, cards, passports or luggage. Include enough cover to allow for extra costs of travelling home. If you already have private medical cover, check with your insurer whether you are covered for foreign travel and if so, find out how to avail of this cover.

2)    When you are travelling outside Ireland, please bring along:

a) The full address and phone number of the nearest Malaysian Embassy / Malaysian Consulate in the country you are visiting; and

b) A copy of your passport, identity card, student card (if applicable) and 2 passport - size photographs;


3)    In case of lost passport, please go to the nearest Malaysian Embassy / Malaysian Consulate to apply for

Emergency Certificate. Supporting documents required are:

a) 2 passport-size photographs;
b) A copy of MyKad / Malaysian Identity Card / Birth Certificate;
c) A copy of passport;
d) Police report (and English translation); and
e) Fees (Please enquire from the Malaysian Embassy / Consulate issuing the Emergency Certificate).

It is very important for all to take note that, the Malaysian Emergency Certificate is for your travel to return to Malaysia or to return to Ireland only (if you are residing in Ireland), as many countries do not recognise the Emergency Certificate as a travel document.

In case of emergency, if there is no Malaysian Embassy / Consulate in the country you are visiting, please contact the nearest British High Commission / Embassy / Consulate for assistance.