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Types of Visa      Visa Validity       Visa Fee

i.Transit Visa         1 Day              US$ 5.00

ii.Tourist Visa       15 Days            US$ 25.00

iii.Tourist Visa       30 Days            US$ 40.00

iv.Tourist Visa       90 Days            US$ 100.00

(fees as of December 2010 at Tribhuvan International Airport,Nepal)




Malaysians living or traveling in Nepal are encouraged to register with the Malaysia Embassy.  The number for after-hours emergencies is 977-9808006552 / 9851012488. 



Please pay close attention to your security at all times, monitor local news and other local information sources for information about possible security risks. It is essential that you stay indoors during curfew hours

There have been incidents of violent, demonstrations, strikes (bandhs) and illegal roadblocks throughout the country and often occur without notice or announced at short notice. Such facilities are held for various rearms to exert public pressure on the Government.

During these periods most businesses are closed and vehicles are not allowed on the road. Access to the airport during strikes could be restricted or prohibited and travel plans severely disrupted.

Travel via road in areas outside of the Kathmandu Valley is hazardous due to erratic drivers and frequent road accidents.  For safety and security reasons, travel after dark should be avoided as the roads are poorly maintained, driving standards are variable and adherence to traffic laws is poor.

As a sensible precaution against luggage tampering, including theft, lock your luggage. Please keep your passport and valuables in a safe place.



Please seek an update or advice from local authorities before trekking, observe all warning signs, to follow clearly identified tracks and use reputable trekking companies with professional guides. Due to the security situation it is recommended that trekking be done with a group and should not trek alone or at night. The Nepal Tourism Board requests all existing and potential travelers to exercise extreme caution while trekking at higher altitudes.

Rescue organizations have limited resources for handling trekker's emergencies in Nepal. Registering your details and intended plans with the Malaysian embassy in Kathmandu is an extremely sensible step to take. Very little medical care along the trail is available. In case of serious illness or injury, prompt evacuation to Kathmandu is the best solution. Helicopter evacuation (air ambulance) is extremely expensive. Neither the Nepalese government nor Malaysian Embassy is responsible for the medical evacuation and overseas bill.

Altitude sickness: Often known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is particularly an important medical consideration while trekking in Nepal. These symptoms are to be taken very seriously, otherwise more serious problem can occur which can even cause death sometimes within a few hours.


Malaysian travelling in Nepal should have comprehensive medical and travel insurance policies that include provision for medical cost including medical evacuation by air (helicopter rescue) which is the only practical way of evacuating a seriously ill or injured patient from most of the trekking areas. If trekking or mountaineering, please ensure the insurance policy applies overseas, including provision for medical evacuation, and for adequacy of coverage.