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The Chancery’s building, which is located at Karlavägen 37, was constructed in 1876. It was a private residence of Lieut Albert Uggla.  The ownership of the residence was transferred to Carl Frantz Lundström in 1885 and later on to Consul General Axel Axson Johnson in 1917.


With the changes in ownership, the building has been subjected to several major renovations, this time to take on its present day English appearance.Before the Government of Malaysia rented the building in 1992, it was occupied by a private company Cap Gemini.  After some minor renovation Chancery finally moved into the building in mid-September 1993.


Six (6) years later (1999), the Government of Malaysia decided to purchase the building for the sum of SEK 53.5 million.  The purchase contract was finalised and duly signed on 11 July 2000.


The Chancery’s building, located among some old-fashioned residences in the heart of Stockholm, is declared by the Swedish Government as a national heritage building.  Being in this category, owners are not allowed to make major renovation under local government’s law.


Embassy of Malaysia,

Stockholm, Sweden


23 June 2016