1. Approvals are solely by the Johor Road Transport Department Director.

  1. The requirements are as follows:-

a.               The registered owner, either a company or an individual, must have a company registered in Malaysia (in the case of a company one of the directors must be a director in both of the companies registered in Singapore and in Malaysia).


b.               Applications must be in writing addressed to the State of Johor Road Transport Department Director and should be sent by hand to counters number 13 to 14 at the Vehicles Registration Section of the Johor RTD in Taman Daya, Jalan Pasir Gudang Johor Bahru.


c.                The following documents must be submitted:-


i.           An Official Application Letter by the registered owner of the vehicle.


ii.         A photocopy of Business Registration with the ROC of   Singapore and in Malaysia if   the owner is a company (If the owner is an individual, BR of business registered in Malaysia) only (Form 9 and Form 49).


iii.       A photocopy of the Log Book of the vehicle or a letter from LTA.


iv.       A photocopy of the insurance certificate for the vehicle to be licensed.


v.         A photocopy of an Identification Card or passport of the owner of the vehicle (if it is a company, the passport of the Director who is a director of both companies in Malaysia and in Singapore).


vi.       The Latest Bank Statement of the Malaysian Company of Business.


vii.     Photographs of the vehicle (Front, Rear and Side Views).


viii.   Photographs of the business premise in Malaysia (With signboard of the name of the company).


  1. Upon receiving an approval, the vehicle has to be sent for inspection at PUSPAKOM Johor Bahru to get an Inspection Report.

  1. After passed the inspection, the owner can proceed to the Road Tax counters to get a Malaysian Road Tax at the rate of RM 10.00 per month or at RM120.00 annually.

  1. The licensed vehicle is subjected to a 6 month's routine inspection but the owner can show proof that the vehicle has passed an inspection by the Singapore Authority, it could be considered as having fulfilled the requirement without bring the vehicle for inspection at PUSPAKOM.

If you have further enquiries, you may contact the Johor Road and Transport Department at the following address:


Kompleks JPJ , Taman Daya

Lebuhraya Pasir Gudang

80990 Johor Bahru


Telephone: 607-3606060

Faks: 607-3542805