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Malaysia – South Africa relations was established following the dismantling of the apartheid in South Africa. On 13 September 1992, Malaysia established its Liaison Office in Johannesburg. In 1994, Malaysia upgraded its office as the High Commission and was subsequently relocated to Pretoria, the Administrative Capital of South Africa.
Following the establishment of the High Commission in 1994, bilateral relations between the two countries have grown tremendously encompassing many fields that include trade and investment. Both countries, desirous to see prosperity where their citizens are able to enjoy a high standard of living, undertake continuous efforts to further enhance and strengthen bilateral relations. In the international arena, both countries share many similar ideals on issues of mutual interest and concerns as well as having cooperated closely in many international organizations such as the Commonwealth, the Non-aligned Movement, the United Nations, and the WTO.
Ambassador Mat Dris Hj. Yaacob is the current High Commissioner of Malaysia to the Republic of South Africa. He is the sixth Head of Mission / High Commissioner resides in Pretoria.
The earlier Heads of Liaison Office / former High Commissioners of Malaysia to the Republic of South Africa are as follows:
HE Dato’ Choo Eng Guan (13.09.1992 – 23.12.1996)
HE Dato’ Abdul Kadir Mohamad Deen (10.01.1997 – 19.02.1999)
HE Dato' Zainal Azman Zainal Abidin (26.031999 – 04.05.2004)
HE Dato’ Yahaya Abdul Jabar (11.08.2004 – 10.11.2008)
HE Ambassador Kennedy Jawan (17.12.2008 – 31.12.2013)
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