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Safety and Security


Anywhere that attracts tourists, will attract thieves. In Paris with so much to see and do for newcomers, thieves are everywhere!


Petty crime especially pickpockets are rampant at metro stations and trains (subways) as well as major shopping areas. Beware of your passports and purse / wallets.  

Robberies and thefts often take place even at hotels. Thieves work in groups and may strike at your hotel during breakfast. The Embassy wishes to advise all Malaysians visiting France to remain vigilant and to take care of their belongings, especially handbags, briefcases, etc.



Be careful around tourist areas in Madeleine, Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe, Sacré Coeur church at the artists' area of Montmartre, L'Opéra, Les Halles and the George Pompidou Centre, the Porte de Clingnancourt  flea market, and of course –anywhere near the Eiffel Tower including inside the crowded lifts that take you to the top.


Entry and Exit Requirements



Malaysians do not require visa to travel to France for less than three months. 

French immigration authorities may deny entry and deport people arriving in France with less than six months validity remaining on their passport, even if the person intends staying just a few days.

Malaysians are advised to follow all local laws and respect local customs.


Register with the Embassy



If you are travelling to France, whatever the reason and however long you will be there, we encourage you to register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  You can register in person at the Embassy of Malaysia, Paris or online.  The information you provide will help us to contact you in an emergency – whether it is a natural disaster, civil disturbance or a family issue.


In the event of a consular emergency, if you are unable to contact the Embassy, you can contact the 24-hour Duty Officer on +33 6 32 44 65 71


Embassy of Malaysia 
2 bis rue Benouville,

75116 Paris
Telephone (+331) 45 53 11 85






 This travel advisory was updated on 07 MAY 2019