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As you are aware, the World Health Organization (WHO) have confirmed that they have identified a new virus (COVID-19). Many cases have been reported in China with imported cases reported from other countries. As the course of the epidemic is unpredictable, please get real-time information on the health situation by consulting Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia website or Facebook page for constant health advisory.


On 28 Feb, the French Government announced that the COVID-19 outbreak in France has moved to Level 2 of the infection disease alert system of the French health authorities. This means that the virus is now locally transmitted within country. France has also recently advised its citizens to avoid travelling abroad unless necessary.


France has listed the following areas as ‘zones at risk of exposure to COVID-19, namely China (including Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR), Singapore, South Korea, Iran and the regions of Lombardy, Veneto, and Emilie-Romagne  in Italy. if you had visited the zones listed in the last 14 days, you will be asked to observe the following measures, over the next 14 days after your return:

(a) Monitor your temperature twice a day;

(b) Watch for symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, difficulty breathing, etc.);

(c) Wear a surgical mask when you are in front of another person and when you have to go out. Wash hands regularly or use a hydro-alcoholic solution;

(d) Avoid contact with pregnant women, chronically ill or elderly;

(e) Avoid frequenting places where frail people are: hospitals, maternity, accommodation for the elderly;

(f) Avoid any non-essential outing: large gatherings, restaurants, cinema;

(g) Employees/Students: Wherever possible, telecommute and avoid close contact: meetings, elevators, canteen,

(h) Children, middle school, high school students should not be sent to nursery, school, college or high school, given the difficulty in wearing a mask all day.

In case of signs of respiratory infections within 14 days of return:

(i) Contact “SAMU Centre 15” (the French Emergency Service), reporting symptoms and recent stay in the affected zones;

(j) Avoid contact with those around you and keep your surgical mask; and

(k) Do not go to your family doctor, or in the emergency room, to avoid any potential contamination.

Please note that this advisory may be interpreted and applied differently by different organisations and establishments in France. Please refer to specific notices issued by local authorities, universities, schools, enterprises, workplaces, and other establishments, on how the advisory might impact you and your family.


Strikes and Demonstrations

Series of strikes and protests are expected throughout France which will adversely affect public transport and traffic across the country. While some demonstrations are publicised days before, some can take place without notice and turn violent.


Due to possible disruptions of public transportation services, do allow more time to get from one place to another, including to the airport. Travelers are strongly advised to check the status of flights or trains directly with their service providers and allocate a large margin of time to get to the airport, should they travel on those dates. 


Malaysians are advised to:

•           Avoid areas of demonstrations.

•           Be aware of your surroundings. Exercise extreme vigilant if you are within the vicinity of demonstrators.

•           Notify friends and family of your safety.

•           Monitor local media for updates. The following English-language French media can be followed:






France remains at risk of terrorist attacks, with the national security alert system – Vigipirate - currently at Tier 2 (“Heightened Security/Risk of Attack”) on a three-tier scale. This entails increased surveillance and screening of bags at government buildings, transportation hubs, tourist attractions, and public spaces. Malaysian citizens residing in France are required to register with the Malaysian Embassy in France via the link: . This is important as it enables us to contact you when the need arise.


Malaysians requiring consular assistance and services may contact the Embassy of Malaysia at:


Embassy of Malaysia in Paris

2bis Rue Benouville

75116 Paris


Tel : +33 1 45 53 11 85 or +33 6 32 44 65 71 after office hours (9.30 am – 5.00 pm)

Email :

11 March 2020