Birth/Marriage Registration Birth/Marriage Registration


(Registration of Birth should be done within one year from the date of birth)




1. The applicant and the person to be registered shall appear before the Consular Officer when submitting the application;


2. Father of the child is a Malaysian Citizen;


3. Registration is made within one (1) year from the date of birth;


4. The applicant shall be the parent;


5. The parent must provide address in Malaysia and address of relative that can be contacted; and


6. Form D must be completed and submitted together with copies of the necessary documents.




1. The applicant and the person to be registered are required to go to the counter at the Consulate General of Malaysia and bringing along originals and two sets copies of required documents.




1. Registrant’s Documents (Originals And Copies)


1.1. Birth Certificate or latest extract of Birth Certificate (translated into Malay or English by the court/consular office/public translator and attested by Home Department, Government of Maharashtra);and


1.2 Three (3) recent passport-sized photographs with a blue background. Dimensions: 3.5cm X 5cm


2. Parents’ Documents (Originals And Copies)


2.1 Birth Certificate or latest extract of Birth Certificate;


2.2 Identity card and a photocopy of the front and back;


2.3 Passport; (If the mother is not Malaysian Citizen then her passport will be used as identification)


2.4 Original Indian Permanent Resident (PR) card of parents, if applicable;


2.5 Citizenship Certificate; and


2.6 Marriage document Note: All copies of supporting documents should be made on A4 paper.




1. Rs450.00 for application fee.


2. Rs150.00 for issue of the certificate by the consulate (if approved)


Note: Cash payment only.




1. Applications for birth registration require the use of original Form D which may be obtained from Consulate General of Malaysia.


2. Application made after one year of the birth of the child must be submitted to the National Registration Department for approval with the letter from the father of the child explaining the reason for the delay in registration.


3. The birth certificate will be processed in 2 working day For further details you may surf to National Department Website




Kindly be notify that the Consulate General of Malaysia in Mumbai, currently cannot provide the marriage registration service as it has not yet been gazetted under Law reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 (Act 164) to perform this function. Should you need the relevant service, please register your marriage at the High Commission of Malaysia in New Delhi or Consulate General of Malaysia in Chennai.


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