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Muscat Mission was gracefully established on 17 February 1983.  For the past 27 years, Malaysia has established an excellent, cordial and brotherly relation with the Sultanate of Oman. Since then, Imperative activities in political, trade and tourism have constructively consolidated our bilateral ties with The Sultanate. Till November 2000, the Mission was manned by three HBS, consisting of a Charge d’ Affaires, One Third Secretary and one Personal Assistant to Ambassador as well as supplemented by five local staffs in the establishment list. By end of 2000, Malawakil Muscat was upgraded to the Ambassadorial level with HE Dato’ Mohd Roze Abd. Rahman was appointed as the first Malaysian Resident Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman. Since then, the composition of the Embassy consists of one Ambassador (M54), one Second Secretary/Head of Chancery (M41), one Third Secretary (N27) and one Assistant Office Secretary (N17). The number of local staffs, on the other hand, was increased to seven, adding one Driver and one Gardener/Caretaker.


Up to date, the Embassy was led by three Ambassadors namely HE Dato’ Mohd Roze Abd. Rahman, HE Dato’ Saipul Anuar Abd Muin and HE Dato’ Mohd Zamri Mohd Kassim. Upon completion of HE Dato’ Mohd Zamri Mohd Kassim’s tour of duty in August 2010 and pending appointment of new Ambassador, the Embassy is headed by a Counsellor/ Charge d’ Affaires a.i.